June Warmth Surging Into The Northeast

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Just a few days removed from a blast of cold and even some snowflakes it now appears an above average temperature pattern is latching on. Gradually warmth the last few days will allow temperatures to peak through the beginning of the week. Well above average highs will make it feel like it’s after Memorial Day.

Many temperatures are going to top out 20-40 degrees warmer than they were at the end of last week. It’s a great time to get the grass cut for the first time this year, get the car washed and even throw your favorite meats and veggies on the grill and get to cooking. You can bet that many people who want to have some fun outside have been greatly looking forward to this weather.

It’s a great day at the noon hour with low 70s for a lot of the East already.

Mainly sunny skies across the East with a surge of warmth coming from the Gulf of Mexico will help push in temperatures that feel like it should be June.

Highs this afternoon will warm into the upper 70s from the Lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley into New England. Expect temperatures to reach into the low 80s for portions of the Mid Atlantic around the District and southern Pennsylvania. Some cities might break record highs.


If you really like summer weather than tomorrow is for you. Temperatures across the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts will be even a few degrees warmer. Washington D.C. will likely rise to around 84 degrees for the high. Philadelphia should be right around 80 degrees. Even Boston will likely see temperatures right about 80 degrees.

Temperatures are normally in the low to mid 50s in Boston this time of year. Highs in New York City and New Jersey are typically right around the upper 50s. A temperature surge to 80 degrees is definitely well above average.

Keep in mind that some coastal locations will see a sea or lake breeze develop. This will provide a cooling breeze for areas along the eastern shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s likely SW winds will be strong enough to push the warm air to very close to local beaches.

The benefit of the warm temperatures coming in April means the June-like humidity won’t be around. This is a fairly dry airmass overall. Even though a cold front will be knocking on the door by Tuesday night there will not be a lot of rain and storms accompanying it.

Rain will spread to through the Northeast in a scattered format Tuesday night and Wednesday. The biggest bulk of showers look to be in Maine and the Mid Atlantic. Any showers for most of the Northeast will be hit and miss.

Temperatures will drop to near average for just a day or two as we close out the workweek. They will likely climb to mild and warm levels again for Easter Weekend.


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