Ohio roller coaster weather continues

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To say Ohio weather lately has been a roller coaster would be an understatement. Ohio saw a little of each season this past week with sunny skies and temperatures near 70 only to be replaced with wind, snow and cold on Friday. The roller coaster like weather is going to continue to as the weekend and early next week are expected to warm up again. Monday could be the warmest day the state has seen in a while.

A look at the radar last Thursday night.

Late Thursday evening rain transitioned to heavy wet snow across much of northern Ohio. The heavy wet snow dropped anywhere from only a couple inches south of Canton to as much as 10 inches in a few higher terrain locations in Cuyahoga County. On average, most places saw between two and five inches. With a warm ground a lot of the snow melted as it fell, but late into the overnight it began to stick to the pavement creating some work for local road crews.

The snow was short lived and came to a quick end Friday across the area and by afternoon a good majority of the snow had already melted off with a little April sun.

This weekend will offer a good deal of sunshine for Ohio as high pressure builds in. A chilly start on Saturday in the 30s and even upper 20s for some will be replaced with middle 50s across much of the state. A few places in southern Ohio have a shot of hitting 60 before the day is through.

The roller coaster type weather will be in full swing Sunday as the entire state will be about 40 degrees warmer compared to Friday. With a good deal of sunshine most of the state Sunday will reach 70 degrees. It will be a great day to get out and enjoy.

The warmth will really build for Monday.

The good news is the warmth will stick around heading into the first part of the week before another little drop in temperatures arrives on Wednesday. Monday will remain dry with highs reaching the 70s across the entire state with a few areas even having a shot of hitting 80.

Tuesday a few showers could be around early, but should end before noon as the Cleveland Indians have their opening game during the afternoon. A small drop in temperatures will occur on Wednesday with highs only in the upper 50s to near 60.

The good news is the temperatures look to remain near average for this time of the year heading into the Easter weekend.

One forecast model the GFS looking at temps over the next 16 days for Cleveland.

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