Foretaste of Spring rolls on in Great Lakes despite rain

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Is it winter?!  Warmth, birds chirping, and sunshine have characterized the recent days across the Great Lakes region (and beyond) – and it will continue!  Certainly this can be duplicitous for this time of year, but I am sure the question begs many: “how long will it last?”  Certainly March and April must have some tricks up its sleeve, right?  The good news is this will carry us to the weekend, before a major storm system moves in.


Model interpretation of rain Tuesday evening

We do have a system that will be moving through overnight Tuesday that will bring some rain to the area.  Temperatures will continue to be warm before and after the system, though.  The bulk of the rain looks to stay in the Ohio Valley and southward as this moves through.  Folks in Michigan will deal with this system earlier in the day Tuesday.  Aforementioned, this will have little effect on the temperatures, as it will continue to be nice and warm for this time of year across the Great Lakes.  If you have not been able to enjoy it yet, definitely try to make your way outdoors this week!

Temperature delight

Delightful would be a good way to describe how the temperatures will be.  As it is, it seems that has been the big focus for this week, but there will be a storm system that will roll into town at the end of the week.  The system will indeed bring cooler air behind it, and once again we will feel a bit of winter for a day or two over the weekend.

Temperature projections Wednesday afternoon

The story of warmer weather has held true for most of the continental United States, in fact, the past few days.  As will be evident in other articles on this website, you will see that soon changes.  No fear though, it looks like we will re-start the warming trend after this weekend for much of the Great Lakes.  Looking forward, we will be back to the 40s and 50s for many by next Tuesday.

Concluding remarks

We are stuck in a fairly tranquil week for weather, as evident by our lack of change in weather conditions from day to day.  Other than the rain this afternoon and evening across the region, we will continue the tranquility until our next system at the end of the week.  Are two back-to-back winters of “nice” coincidental, or is it merely a sign that Old Man Winter is gearing up to get us hard one of these winters?  Enjoy, folks.

Blessings upon each of you.

-Robert Carroll

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