Record Warmth In Ohio Saturday

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Did you get a chance to head outside and wash the car? Maybe you didn’t want to work on the nice day and decided to go for a run or have a picnic a the park instead. No matter what you did hopefully you spent time outside to enjoy the record breaking warmth across most of Ohio Saturday.

In Northeast Ohio we shattered, killed, dominated, decimated, demolished, decapitated the previous record high temperatures.

Cleveland flirted with the 70 degree mark notching a high of 69 during the mid afternoon. The great weather led many outside to enjoy different activities in area parks and in Downtown Believeland.

Mansfield broke the previous record by seven degrees. Highs bounced up to 67 for the afternoon high.

Youngstown only had a recent previous record high of 59 degrees so the forecast for highs in the low 60s left a good bet at a new record high. The old record was crushed by several degrees as Youngstown-Warren Airport recorded 66.

Akron-Canton reached 68 degrees breaking a 36 year-old record.

Dayton and Columbus also broke record highs with 66 degrees being crowned the new highest temperature ever recorded on February 18.

Toledo hit 59 degrees back in 1961 and never got warmer than that until yesterday. The high reached 67 degrees during the afternoon. Findlay actually hit the 70 degree mark.

The above average temperatures look to stick around the rest of the week.

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