Valentine’s Day Weather: Rain For Portions Of South

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The day for lovers has arrived. Whether you are looking forward to going out and celebrating with your significant other or if it’s just another day the weather will still impact some of your days and evenings. Overall across the country we are expecting fairly quiet weather as we get a break from the very active pattern that has affected many.

The West finally gets a break from rain and snow, but they are still feeling the effects in California.  Around 190,000 people were forced to evacuate across several counties after damage to a spillway at the Oroville Dam. The heavy rain and melting snow have contributed to higher water levels. The spillway at the dam was eroding on Monday causing major flooding concerns.

New England is continuing to get back to normal after the second big snowstorm of February.

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The lack of major weather systems can be noted on the future satellite model image shown below. You can see much of the West,  Northern Plains and East should see some sunshine.

Rainy For Southern Plains
There is a good bet for afternoon and evening rain with a low pressure system tracking across the Gulf Coast. This will spread the rain from Texas to Tennessee and south through Alabama. It’s likely you will need the umbrella to stay dry if you are going out for Valentine’s Day dinner plans in Shreveport,  Little Rock and Oklahoma City.

There is a chance for some local severe storms to develop across the Texas coast through the Florida Panhandle. Damaging winds would be the main threat with any of the storms that develop. Heavy rain is also likely. Keep an eye to the sky.

If you want to go on a sledding date your best bet might be in Upstate New York and New England. But if you wait till Wednesday morning there should be a few inches of new snow in the UP of Michigan.

Some Snow For Great Lakes
A developing system will bring some snow tonight in from Lake Superior to Lake Ontario. There is a good chance most spots only see an inch or two of snow or less. Better lake effect snow should develop downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Wednesday night.

Mild Weather For The South
Expect temperatures to climb well into the 60s from Arkansas through South Carolina with 70s further south. Even the Ohio Valley and Mid Atlantic will see above average temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s.

The warm temperatures will be talked about a lot more in the coming days as a strong ridge of high pressure looks to develop. This will mean well above average temperatures for a large chunk of the country as we head into next weekend.

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