The Tranquility of Winter: subtle return Wednesday for Great Lakes

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Winter is a beautiful time of year: open-fields covered in layers of white, tree branches with snow on them after a fresh snow, mountaintops in sparkling white.  While many can correlate winter to Christmas, it is indeed much beyond December and Christmas.  In fact, most the snow will likely fall after the beloved Christmas season.  Now that we are halfway through February, I am sure many beg to ask, “where in the world is winter?”

After a January that may have seemed to be unseasonably rainy for Ohioans and other Great Lakes geography, we led into February will little snow; more rain; and a 60-degree day or two.  Today (Tuesday) is one of those days.  Somebody controlling the weather must certainly love us on this St. Valentine’s Day!   The good news for winter lovers is winter will make a subtle return for Wednesday; this, of course, being bad news that we are headed back into the freezer Wednesday for warmer-weather lovers.  No worries, though, the warmth will return for the weekend.

The situation

We will have a subtle system that will make its way through the area overnight Tuesday.  This will be relatively weak in nature, and the temperatures will not be all that much cooler Wednesday – as the area will still likely make it into the upper-30s.  There will barely be any precipitation resultant of the system as it works through the Great Lakes.  Northern Michigan could get in on a little cold rain to snow as it moves through, otherwise it will be negligible. As it shifts off to the east, the east coast will get more chances at the cold rain or snow.

Deepening cooler air will be in place by Thursday, but it will not last too long.  We will be comfortably warming things back up again Friday and into the weekend; in fact, it looks like it is going to be a fantastic weekend ahead for the Great Lakes.  The model at left shows us how negligible and subtle the system really is.  One may be able to spot the break between two systems: one coming up from the south-southwest, and the one moving across and out of the Great Lakes.  You could be correct in your observations, if you noted this.  These two systems will likely conjoin off the east coast over the next several days.

A mostly cloudy sky will be the rule across the area for those not impacted by lake-effect snow.


Will winter ever stick around?

While there are not many details to the next system, it seems like we are entering a fairly tranquil time in weather across the Great Lakes.  Old man winter is certainly not whipping out any nasty storm systems as it looks right now.  Shall we call it pure luck that we have had two nice winters in a row?  The next system of note will not be until early next week, so we will keep an eye on that.

With regard to a possible lake-effect setup across the Great Lakes Wednesday and Thursday, that certainly is possible for your lakeshore locations.  Nothing significant should be differentiated (derived) from that system as it sweeps across the area, though.  A couple inches, if we are lucky.

So indeed, winter is a tranquil old man this year – not wanting to cause too much harm to our Great Lakes friends lately.  After the recent severe weather cases in the south to the record highs in Denver, Colorado recently – is spring a sure early arrival?  I will let each of you ponder that question.

I will close out this article, and I will leave you with one happy skier that loves a good snowfall.

Peace and blessings upon you all,

-Robert Carroll

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