Relief from bitter cold temperatures brings a messy storm system

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Many people in the Midwest who have braved temperatures in the single digits and teens for highs with wind chills below zero this past week will get a relief in the temperature department this week.

(Temperature Graphic from 1-6-2017)

With the warming of temperatures comes a storm system which will bring everything from snow and rain to possible even some ice to many areas.

A system will move across Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio starting Monday. The precipitation across Wisconsin and Michigan will start out as snow. As warmer air moves in on the southern side of the storm many places will change to a mix of rain and snow then depending where you are may change to plain rain. Below are two graphics of what the radar may look like Tuesday morning and the latter Tuesday afternoon as the warm air moves in.


While most models have the snow changing to rain as far north as northern Michigan, it won’t happen until a good front end thump of snow. Many places will get at least two inches of the white stuff before the transition to rain. Below are two model outputs for potential snow from this system.

The NAM is showing some ice potential for southern Michigan and parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. As of now this is the only model picking up on the ice potential, but is something which needs to be monitored.


The moral of the story is be careful what you ask for. The price for warming temperatures come with the price of another winter system which is likely to cause travel headaches in the Midwest during the Tuesday morning commute.



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