Cold takes strong grip with snow in the south

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This weekend will feel and look like the heart of winter across much of the United States. A large system will spread across the southeast bringing snow to areas that don’t normally see much snow during the winter. Atlanta, Georgia is expected to see an inch or two, but that will cause problems for those traveling. The heart of the snow will affect portions of Virginia and North Carolina.

There will be a transition to some freezing rain and sleet through parts of South Carolina with just rain expected along the coast in South Carolina and Georgia. The snow will begin Friday night and last through much of Saturday before tapering off Saturday night. Travel will be slow across the southeast and delays at airports are likely where snow and ice fall.

The rest of the country will remain dry through Saturday other than some lake effect snow across portions of the great lakes region. The great lakes have been dealing with lake effect the past few days and it will continue to accumulate downwind of the lakes.

The other big story by the end of the weekend will be a system moving into the west bringing a mix of rain and snow during the day on Sunday to states along the west coast.

In addition to the snow, the United States will be cold this weekend. A large portion of the country will see temperatures fall into the single digits Friday and Saturday nights. The upper midwest will be well below zero with dangerous wind chills. The cold air will stretch into the south with temperatures dipping into the 20s and 30s across portions of Texas and northern Florida.

Looking beyond the weekend, a system is excepted to track into the midwest bringing a mix of rain, ice and snow to many states by Tuesday. While this storm is still a way off and the track is not yet certain, but their appears to be some sort of system that will affect the midwest and portions of the northeast early next week.

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