White Christmas Chances for 2016

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It definitely has been a chilly last couple of weeks across the United States of America. With the snow cover across mainly the northern half of the US, along with the snow cover in Canada, temperatures have been able to stay cold enough for all snow. While the northern Plains could see enough of a snow cover for a White Christmas, a warm-up is in the cards. That will result in the snow cover melting across much of the nation.


Temperatures overall the last several days have been bone chilling. With a low pressure area that is forecast to develop across the Central Plains in the next few days, that will result in warmer air being pulled northward from the Gulf of Mexico. While it will be a bit chilly, it will be nothing compared to what the US has had to deal with.


Most of the snowfall that has occurred is forecast to melt away by Christmas Morning across much of the US. Snow cover looks to be mainly confined to the Upper Great Lakes and Northern Plains regions. The overall weather pattern is forecast to continue to be warm for this time of year as we head for 2017.

In summary, the White Christmas chances will not be as widespread as in previous years. As Winter continues to move along, snow chances will most likely return. It is Winter after all.

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