First Big Snowstorm for Southern New England

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The first significant snowstorm of the season has come and gone in New England. Many woke up Saturday morning to a fresh mantle of snow. Boston’s Logan Airport received 4.3 inches from the storm through many communities saw a half foot of snow or more. The town of Plainfield, Massachusetts saw 8.2 inches which was the highest amount in the Bay State.

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The storm naturally caused traffic troubles in the region with thousands of holiday shoppers running around. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation had about 2,888 pieces of equipment treating and clearing state roads at the height of the storm. Numerous spin outs were reported, mainly from people driving too fast given the conditions. Part of interstate 495 was shut down due to an accident involving a tractor trailer.

The precipitation was mainly rain for Southeastern Massachusetts. Plymouth County saw between 2 and 4 inches while Cape Cod saw a few localized amounts of 2 inches. In neighboring Rhode Island, most snowfall amounts were light with a few locations away from the coast seeing 5 inches. Connecticut on the other hand saw moderate snowfall at times with Hartford receiving almost 7 inches. Winsted in Litchfield County reported the highest total in the state at 8.3 inches.

The snow did not deter shoppers from heading to the Maine Mall from getting last minute gifts. Despite the weather, stores were busy with people teeming for clothes, electronics and other items. As the day went on, more and more shoppers showed up, some surprised by how crowded it actually was. Others cautiously pushed themselves out the door saying this was their last chance to get gifts for their families.

Much of interior Maine and New Hampshire saw between 6 and 9 inches of snowfall from this event. Despite this being one of the first snowfall events in Northern New England, no significant accidents were being reported. Like in Massachusetts, a majority of the incidents were spin outs from people driving too fast. A few plows were involved in accidents in New Hampshire but none of them resulted in injuries.

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The snowfall was generally light in Vermont with most locations picking up between 3 and 6 inches. The highest amount in the Green Mountain State was Putney in Southeastern Vermont who picked up 8.5 inches. Despite seeing a lighter snowfall than states to the south and east, the slick roads resulted in numerous accidents here as well.

After this weekend’s rain and snow, colder air is moving in tonight and some may have to contend with black ice in the morning as temperatures once again fall below freezing.

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