Christmas Snowstorm for the Great Lakes

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TIMING: Christmas Day (Sunday)

Winter storm conditions are expected to impact areas of the Great Lakes as we move into Christmas Day. Snow, freezing rain, and sleet all look to be major issues across the region.

A strong low pressure center is expected to roll off the front range of the Rocky Mountains for the day on Saturday. This storm system will drift south then east across the southern High Plains before undergoing rapid intensification. A shield of precipitation will affect areas, such as; Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri for the day on Saturday. Through the course of  the day, the storms system will undergo the process known as cyclogenesis.

A deep snow-pack out ahead of this system will allow cold air to be locked in at the surface. The low pressure center, moving northeast, is expected to usher in warmer air. However, due to the shallow layer of cold air, freezing rain can be expected throughout the Ohio Valley. Significant ice accumulations can be expected. Power outages and significant tree damage is anticipated from the heavy ice accretion.

The storm system is expected to track from St. Louis, MO on Christmas Eve then to Cleveland, OH by Christmas morning.

Polar air to the north and west of this storm’s track will be more than sufficient for the development of heavy snow. A swath of significant snowfall can be expected. Accumulations of up to a foot and a half look attainable from Kansas City, MO to Detroit, MI

Christmas Day Snow for the Great Lakes

Christmas Day Snow for the Great Lakes

Airports in the path of this storm will experience numerous cancellations and delays due to extremely icy conditions. Travel via the interstates will also be significantly impacted by this storm as travel will likely be impossible, at times, to the heavy snowfall and freezing rain expected.

Areas to the south of the track of this system will experience widespread rainfall. Cities that will be impacted will include: Little Rock, Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. Rainfall amounts of one to two inches are expected to impact those cities.

Rainfall Amounts from the Storm System

                              Expected Rainfall Amounts

The powerful storm system will begin to pull away from the U.S. mainland during the day on Monday.

Cold air, in its wake, will plague much of the country for much of the upcoming week. Temperatures will be around twenty degrees below average across much of the country.

Cold Air Filters into U.S.

                 Cold Air Filters into U.S 

Further details will be ironed out over the coming days as models converge on a consensus. Stay tuned to Michigan Michigan First Warn Weather as we track the next winter storm that is expected to impact the region.

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